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EAP2 Editing Class Assignment

My favorite grammar book isactually nothing, but I think a Japanese English grammar book is better because it is totally easier than English English grammar book. To me, understanding grammar is most important, but I don't care what the book is written in English or Japanse. However, a grammar book written in English makes it easir to understand exactly the grammar rules are. That's why I'ld be better using a Japanese one.

EAP2 WW Assignment

Hydroelectric Power for Alternative Resource

In “Hydropower and Other Renewables: Best Source of Electricity for Canadians”, federal minister of Natural Resources Gary Lunn is quated as saying, “Using additional hydropower capacity could make a substantial contribution to reducing greenhouse gases and air pollution both in the United States and here at home” (2006, para.5). Today, there is a lot of hydroelectric power in the world. Hydroelectric power is used in many countries as an energy resource, but hydroelectric power actually has been being behind nonrenewable resources lately. However, hydroelectric power should be used as main electricity source because of four reasons: hydroelectric power helps to better the environment; hydroelectric power saves money that certainly charged when nonrenewable resources are imported from other countries, hydroelectric power costs less than the other nonrenewable resources and hydroelectric power prevents natural disasters.

The definition of hydroelectric power is the method of changing the energy from flowing water to electricity by using generator (core system) of the hydroelectric power (, 2007). Hydroelectric power makes electricity by using large pipe (Penstock) and large generator (hydraulic turbine with blades); water comes into penstock, water flow spins blades of turbine and turbine makes electricity (Dam, 2007). In “Waterpower” the author states, “Modern waterpower owes its development to the British civil engineer John Smeaton, who first build large waterwheels using cast-iron construction” (2007. Para. 2) In addition, in the big dam period, the low cost electricity from hydroelectric power effect on cities and industrial growth (“History of Reclamation Power”, 2006). Therefore, hydroelectric power is great resource.

The first major reason is that hydropower does not damage the environment. Actually, there is an argument that whether hydroelectric power really does not threaten the environment. Some people, who is belong to an oil company or who do assent to use nonrenewable resources, think that hydroelectric power produces significant amounts of CO2 (carbon dioxide) as well as using nonrenewable resources such as fossil fuel. However, it is not true because burning fossil fuel in the electric power plant produces the significantly greater amount of CO2. Hydroelectric power does produce CO2; however, hydroelectric power reduces CO2 (“Hydropower and”, 2006). Therefore, even if hydroelectric power produces CO2, there is still a big difference in how much CO2 is produced between electric power plants and hydroelectric power. Hydroelectric power does really prevent greenhouse gas emissions, which are CO2 and methane (GHG) that mostly come from regular power plants’ exhaust gas. Greenhouse gas emissions cause climate change (“Honduras Hydropower”, 2006). Furthermore, greenhouse gas emission causes not only increase temperature, it also causes acid rain, which is rain that is contains harmful chemicals from electric power plants’ exhaust gases and damages biomass such as trees. Building only renewable resource such as hydroelectric power helps reducing greenhouse emissions step by step. People should think about using hydroelectric power for protecting from environmental problems.

The second major reason is that hydroelectric power save operation cost, which definitely cost thousands of millions of money when nonrenewable resources are imported. Even though there is high initial cost to build dams, water is free to use, so it is much cheaper than use other sources. The only thing that people have to do is construct dams. After building dams, people just wait for water fills dam. After that, workers just open the gate that water comes into generator. That is all people have to do. There is no cost to fill the dam up and it does not even cost too much money for employees because people just administrate hydroelectric dam. On the other hand, to make electricity using power plants, government has to pay much money for buying fossil fuel or other nonrenewable resources. There is also high initial cost of constructing electric power plant. Besides, government has to continue buying energy to continue sustaining residential electricity. Compare to using power plant to make electricity, hydroelectric powers cost far less for operating cost. If the government replaces the main electric power source to hydroelectric power, government can use money that from operating cost for developing cities or build public buildings. Thus, people should use hydroelectric power fin order to decrease operating cost to save money.

The third main reason is that electricity made by hydroelectric power is less expensive electricity cost for consumers. Electric companies support residential electricity with cheaper electricity because as the second main reason mentions water is free. Because there is cheap operation cost and hydroelectric power produces great amount of electricity permanently, people can buy electricity with cheaper fee. Hydroelectric power’s average electricity price is 4 cent per KWH in the U.S., which are three times fewer than national averege (Cheap Energy VS the Environment, n.d.). People are always interested in cheap energy. They are not going to buy expensive energy to live definitely. By producing electricity with only hydroelectric power makes great reward for both electric companies’ economy and residences.

The final reason is that hydroelectric power can control floods. Flood control by hydroelectric power saves residences, wildlife and people. Hydroelectric power prevents flood with spillway, which is way water run out when it is heavy rain and increase water level. (Technologies & Applications, 2000). In addition, there are many small hydroelectric powers in the river. Small hydroelectric power also prevents flood with constructing and expanding canal. Canal is long straight passage that is dug in the edge of the river. This passage decreases the flowing waterpower. Furthermore, hydroelectric power reduces massive soil erosion that naturally happens in the river. Hydroelectric power lessens its natural disaster, which is one kind of environmental problem, by controlling flowing water. Therefore, people should use hydroelectric power to reduce flood to protect themselves and many species.

In conclusion, hydroelectric power has great advantages: hydroelectric power assists environment, reduces operation cost, keeps residential electricity cost down and prevents natural disaster. By using hydroelectric power, people can decrease significant amounts of greenhouse gases. Also, Hydroelectric powers’ operation cost is cheaper than power plants one. Moreover, hydroelectric power provides much cheaper electricity than electric power plant. Further, hydroelectric power can control river. Because hydroelectric power has these advantages, people should use this renewable resource as an alternative energy for main electric power source. Also, people should think about nonrenewable energy has been damaging our planet. What now people can do for now for our future is use hydroelectric power as soon as possible.


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Benefits of taking parenting class

Have you ever taken the parenting class? Parenting class is the class that helps to learn people, especially parents, how to be better parents. Parents should take parenting class because there are three reasons: parents can gain some skill that they need to bring their children up better, Children can gain some benefits for their future, and everyone can get benefits from this course.

Some people think that people do not have to take the parenting class because people have some own experience. They just think about strategies that how to rise children by following what they learn from their parents or their own experience. However, all their experience and what they learn from parents are not always correct. They might have incorrect thinking about parenting. Therefore, they should learn correct way to parenting again.

To begin with, parents can learn how to rise their children better than anybody else, which everyone want to do with own skill, in the parenting class. Parents can learn from the parenting class about positive parenting, which is one kind of strategies like better communication with their children. Better communicating with their children can decrease bad behavior that children naturally do in his or her childhood because listening what children think is easy to know what kinds of situations they have. Parents should take children’s dissatisfaction or some bad feeling out by playing catch with words. Halsey (2007) mentions, “Children with parents who use such skills are far less likely to have behavior problems” (Para. 5). Further, parenting class can teach parents how to reduce arguing, scolding and yelling with their children. Also, parenting class can teach how to promote agreement with children. Parents are not going to be trouble about how to find the way to preventing trouble with their children if they take the parenting class.

In addition, Parents can teach children that children should know. They have to learn what taking own responsibility is. In the United States, American people have to know about it because without taking own responsibility, children cannot live in the U.S society when they become adult. Parenting class will support children to take responsibility for their own behavior. Further, parents can teach about money for their children if they take the class. For living in the society when children become adult, there are many situations that they have to think about money. If children do not learn that how important money is, it could be trouble or fail in his future because the world is created by money and rule. In “It’s never too late for young adults to learn money management” the author states that if they have late payments, it will be serious dent for credit card statement (Para.16). They have to learn about what is going to happen to children if they do not allow the rule. It is quite hard to explain about money for parents because money is very complicated, but it is very important thing. Thus, parents should take the parenting class to teach above two things, which is the one of most important things in our life.

Furthermore, parenting class is not for parents, but also for every single people such as grandparents, teachers and so on. In case of grandparents, they will figure out how to reduce spoil grandchildren. Grandparents always spoil grandchildren, but it is not good way to educate them because they cannot become independent. Also, if grandparents take the parenting class, they can help both children and grandchildren. Grandparents have experience that he or she had already being child and parents. Thus, they know what both parents and children’s feeling and grandparents can help two of them on neutral ground. In addition, teacher could figure out the new way to teach if they take the parenting class. Most teachers will think about how to students be good. However, they do not know what students feel when teacher do something. That is why teachers have to learn about parenting. If they take it, they can learn what students feel and support them. Therefore, many people should take the parenting class.

In conclusion, parenting class can give people many benefits. Parents can get some information that they need to raise children up, children can be better children, and most of people can use the information for their job. They should take the parenting class because it will reduce problems that happen between children and adult. Therefore parenting class will help people.


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Should TOEFL be allowed or not

Have you ever thought about TOEFL? Recently, American universities want to have more international students. Also, many people who live in various countries now want to come to the U.S for learning English and various subjects as well. However, these students have to take TOEFL to be American university students. Most people have trouble getting high score of TOEFL that university requires people. There are many reasons why TOEFL should not be used to decide if international students can be accepted to an American university: TOEFL English is not good for communication, TOEFL score is not always stable, and TOEFL does not test your university skills.

However, some people think that TOEFL should be used because TOEFL have same standard, improve students’ English and inspire them to study harder and harder. In addition, TOEFL tells university about how is the English skills that students have. Also, it is easy to decide who may be accepted to belong to university.

To begin with, English, which is used by TOEFL, is too formal to use for communicating with native English speakers. Which means TOEFL English is not real English. TOEFL is not useful for living in society in the United States or some other countries, which are used English as a first language. Native speakers are not going to speak like TOEFL in the communication. Even though TOEFL uses slang, it is not enough to learn real English for English learner because in the communication, speaking is the most important way to communicate with people, not writing formal English for academic like TOEFL. The second language learner need slang to communicate with native English speakers because unless you know slang, you cannot understand exactly what native English speakers say in the conversation. In addition, in the real life, native English speakers are not going to use English that is used in grammar section, for example, when second language learners say sentence like used in grammar section, people might think that it is not make sense. Therefore, TOEFL should introduce slang more. Otherwise, it is not good enough rate to measure your abilities.

In addition, TOEFL score almost never steady. Score always go up and down because of your health condition, for example, if test takers could not sleep enough before taking TOEFL, there is possibility to get low score. Also, while they are taking the test, if they cannot concentrate to take it, they definitely get low score. Otherwise, it is just luck, not your real ability. Further, it depends on knowledge that test takers know about the subject in the test or not to get stable score like in the reading section. If they know American history specifically and if it is in the test, test takers can answer it even if they do not read every single letter. However, if test takers are not good at history and do not know about history at all, they definitely feel like it is too difficult for me or something like hesitation in the moment. Therefore, TOEFL measures not only English, but also measures test takers knowledge about the U.S. These two things are going to be major part of the problems to measure your English abilities.

Furthermore, TOEFL is not going to test international students’ university skills. There are many skills for taking university class like note taking. In the TOEFL, test taker does not accepted taking note in the listening section. However, in the university class, students must do it. In addition, TOEFL cannot measure their speaking ability except IBT TOEFL. There are many international students who can speak English frequently like native English speakers. However, they all cannot do well in the other section like grammar section. For these students, IBT TOEFL must be introduced. However, they, TOEFL organization, still want test takers to speak like TOEFL listening. There is nothing change. It just changes the test style. TOEFL should think about measuring test takers skills.

TOEFL is the most popular way to be American university student. However, American university should not use TOEFL to measure international students’ skills because for international students, it does not help international students to learn native English to communicate with native English speakers naturally. Also, score is always unstable because of students’ knowledge and health condition. Besides, TOEFL does not measure their college skills that students may use in the university. Therefore, American university should find another way to measure international students’ skills to accept them to be its students. All American universities should introduce ESL program that will measure speaking skill, writing skill, note taking skill and so on. University should use only data from ESL program to accept them to be its students, and not use the score of TOEFL. It is going to be more helpful because there is no luck. University can see only students’ skill and they may be sure that students are not going to fail in its university.

Monday, December 11, 2006

EAP2 WW Assignment

Research Paper

Noise pollution in Australia

Have you ever thought about environmental noise problems in Australia? In Australia, noise pollution has been increasing. It is one of the widespread environmental problems and this is the problem that causes some human health problems to Australians. Noise causes hearing problem which is difficult to hear sound or lose the sound because of loud noise. It also causes to people become irritated, to be troubled by insomnia, or cause to decreasing concentration. According to Davidson (2006), in Australia, the noise pollution has become serious problem in main parts of cities and it is also in rural areas. This environmental problem has become wider and wider and it is thought to be serious by Australian government, scientists, and even many residents who are in the almost all cities in Australia. Noise pollution bothers Australians and noise complains has been increasing in recent time (Quiet please! Fighting noise pollution in Australian cities, 2006). In Sydney, it reaches 100,000 a year and most of compliments are because of neighborhoods bother people by listening exceeded loud music and other loud noise such as talk with loud voice. There are various causes for this environmental noise: First major cause of this environmental noise problem is transportation noise, which is the most difficult noise to manage. Transportation noise is divided into two categories: One is airport noise that is typically heard in urban areas because of increase amount of flight schedule and the location of airport. The other one is car noise, including car stereo noise due to increase of amount of cars and low technology for engine, exhaust and break systems. Second, another major cause of the noise pollution is industrial noise that comes from construction work and plants. Third, the other major cause of noise pollution is building noise pollution that is divided into two categories: outside noise that is heavy traffic noise, dog barking, and so on and inside noise that is loud music or TV that comes from neighbors, air conditioner and so on. Because of these causes exist, noise pollution occurs. There are many solutions to airplane noise, traffic noise, industrial noise, and urban noise problems in Australia.

First of all, how could people decrease the airport noise? It seems quite difficult to deal with airport noise problem; however, if government or cities has enough money and has a great future plan, it is possible. First, for now, government should pay money for enough soundproofing for residents who live in near airport. Actually, when airplane takeoff from running, and when airplane land in the running, the noise level will be reached at over 100 decibels, and according to the Australian Academy of Science (2006), Boeing 747 was recorded at 108 decibels when it flew over the urban are of Sydney. This is the worst level of noise. Therefore, residences that far from the place that takeoff and landing point by a couples of miles need soundproofing for protecting residents’ health, especially ear, from the worst noise. In addition, airport should control the number of departures and arrivals, not daytime but also nighttime, especially the airport that near from over populated areas, to reduce the noise. Airport noise, during 7 a.m. to 7 p.m. will increase the airport noise (2001). Further, government should think and make plan that developing city that replaces the airport to quite far away from urban area, but it should include convenience. These three ideas might help to decrease airport noise.

Second, how could we reduce car noise pollution? Car noise pollution is one of the most well know noise pollution in the world. Therefore, car noise pollution is thought by not only as an Australian environmental problem, but also Japanese or the other developed countries. Thus, I will mention about car pollution by using case of Japan. First, In Tokyo, Japan, noise pollution has been increasing as well as Australia and it is become serious problem. Japanese Government establishes a law that control for the car for this problem, and is trying decrease the car noise. Australian government should establish a law for the car like Japanese government did because the law to the car of Australia has not reached at the global standard. Therefore, noise pollution has been increasing because of the amount of the car is increased as well. Second, according to Tierney (2006) the state government pay millions of dollars for soundproof in the freeway. At least residents who are living in near the freeway or heavy traffic road will be happy to hear this. Therefore, building soundproofing should be continued. Third, Australian should buy only Japanese cars that are hi-technology such as hybrid car that use electrically powered motor and engine. The hybrid car is the first car that achieves decreasing car noise in 100 years widely (Noise Pollution, 2006). The hybrid car uses clean noiseless engine. In addition, it is used as a fuel-efficient engine in Japan. However, in Australia, there has already developed freeway, so hybrid car just exist as an obstructive system because in Japan, when people drive in the national and express road, they always continue to step on accelerator and put on brake because of heavy traffic. When people continue to stop and start forward, it makes fuel consumption bad. Therefore, this type of engine works in Japan. In other countries nations who live in developed countries that have already developed freeway don’t need to buy it because of different traffic condition. That is why Australian uses another car that uses other engine, like diesel engine. However, if people really want to decrease noise pollution, they should just forget about fuel fees and should change the car to the hybrid car. This hi-technology car will decrease noise in the freeway or hard traffic road.

Third, how can people solve industrial noise? Industrial noise is divided into two categories: one is outside workplace noise such as construction noise. The other one is office noise such as computer noise. First, outside noise is quite difficult to reduce, so there is one way to decrease outside workplace noise. building the physical barrier will be decrease industrial noise. However, it has been described in the factory noise since 1930's, and there is a history with the longest scientific study (Noise Pollution, 2006). The cost that redecorating an existing soundproofing system that is for construction site is very expensive. Therefore, it is difficult to develop it. To decrease construction noise, existing soundproofing is not good enough, but at least, it should be used. Second, noise in the inside workplace is come mostly from computers. For, today’s company, computer is inseparable from existence. Therefore, it is difficult to prevent the noise as long as the computer is not lost from the office. However, if the company thinks about employees ‘ health, they should figure out the substitution of computer or just wait for the computer that will be upgraded that is noiseless. It will be solved when either way will be done.
Finally, how can people decrease urban noise? Urban noise is divided into two categories: One is the noise that comes from outside. The other one is come from inside. However, solutions for both categories are actually the same. The key that is for solving the building noise is soundproofing. Outside noise such as heavy traffic noise, exceed voice, or barking dog could be solved by soundproof usually. However, Apartment owners don’t want to allow the recommendation that direction for constructing buildings which is based on BCA (Building Code of Australia), which is a uniform set of technical provisions for the design and the construction of buildings and other structures throughout, because it costs too expensive (Australian Academy of Science 2006). Thus, even in rural area, like Tasmania, also has become problem according to Davidson (2006). Therefore, Australian builder should rebuild the residences or redecorate soundproof for reducing building noise.

In conclusion, Australia is the country that has great environmental noise problem. There are four solutions that should be done. Transportation noise, industrial noise, and urban noise should be solved because these causes increase noise pollution. This environmental problem affects our health little by little. In addition, there are so many complaints in each city in Australia. Therefore, people, especially government, should care about noise pollution for decreasing or solving this great environmental problem for nation.


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Arguementative Essay

Smoking Marijuana

In the United States, almost all state governments establish the law that people cannot use marijuana. Almost all countries, especially developed countries, also have been regulating because most people think that smoking marijuana is not good for health. However, I disagree with this idea that smoking marijuana should be illegal, and that is bad for health because there are three reasons why: it is used for medical, some countries don’t establish the law that smoking marijuana is illegal, and people have own responsibilities to smoke marijuana for pleasure.

Many people, who are connected in literature and who are educated that marijuana is not good by society, think that smoking marijuana is a crime. Also, this action has a bad influence for our body. Guither says that most people think marijuana is not good that is educated by government, medical studies or the other things that effect to people’s stereotype. That’s why most people believe that marijuana is not good.

However, some people, who are connected in medication, also think that smoking marijuana should be legal because smoking marijuana is actually not bad for health. Also, this action is actually quite usual for medication. Marijuana’s effectiveness is mainly divided into two things such as smoking marijuana is used to have patients’ appetizer and to lose or to decrease patients’ pain from disease (Medicinal Applications of Delta-9-Tetrahydrocannabinol and Marijuana, 1997). Because marijuana have these effectiveness, they think that marijuana is kind of medicine. Further, it is actually now used in the hospital frequently.

In addition, there are some countries that smoking marijuana is legal for some reasons. In Netherlands, it is legal to smoke marijuana because as I mention above, marijuana is intended as pain reliever for cancer and aid patients, and for people for suffering from other illness. Moreover, smoking marijuana has a low dependence, and marijuana is almost harmless not as smoking cigarettes or drinking alcohol. Therefore, in Netherlands, people can get marijuana in coffee shop as we can get cigarettes or alcohols in stores (Erowid, 2006).
Furthermore, why the governments control people who want to smoke marijuana or regulate to smoke marijuana? American is the country that people should have own responsibilities for what they are going to do or what they have done, and that people can emphasize freedom for what people want to do. Therefore, it should be freedom to smoke marijuana for pleasure, medication, or some other ways.

In conclusion, smoking marijuana is illegal in America. Many literature and medical are discussing about whether smoking marijuana is illegal or not. Marijuana is used in the hospital as a medicine so it could help many patients. In addition, it is legal in Netherlands, and people buy for some own ways. I think the government should not regulate the law that it is not freedom to smoke marijuana because it could help people, who have diseases and who want to relieve pain from cancer. Marijuana has already used as a medicine in the hospital and it is usually in Europe. Besides, it is harmless. Therefore, it should be legal to smoke marijuana

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Summary Response

For Once, Blame the Students

In Patrick Walsh’s article “For Once, Blame the Students,” he argues that American students fail class these days. First, the author mentions that the group of American students doesn’t study well because of unskilled teacher, boring textbook and so on, though they could do well if they try to study hard. Next, he states that parents agree with their children and always argue to teachers about their students’ class grade because their children also think that if their grade is bad, it is because of teachers’ responsibility. He also discusses explain how easy to get out from their classes that they don’t like and the counselor helps them by sending messages. Walsh agrees with teachers that student are not prepared for class. He claims that student motivation and achievement should be come from their home. He advises that American students should work on studying as well as international students do.
According to the author, most American students don’t do well and not enough work on studying. There are some reasons why American students do like that. I agree with author that American students are lazy, that they do not study as well as international students who come from Asia, and that teacher can’t bring students’ motivation up or to have them own ambition.

To begin with, there are many reasons why American students are lazy. They don’t come to class on time, they don’t do homework, they don’t listen what teachers say and they only study for exam. In addition, American parents let them to be lazy because their parents always complain to the teacher about their students’ grades when they got low grades, even if it is because of students problem like attitude problem, attendance problem or, students can’t do well because of they don’t want to study. Even it is true, parents always put the teachers responsibility for children. However, most students who come from Asia as international students who study as a second language are working on studying harder and harder and some of them had well prepared for class. Further, in Japan, even parents who want their children to be great students or great society person and who are overconfident of their children’s skill almost never do as well as American parents did because what children got is what they did in the classes. Therefore, only parents should do is scolding them to let them do well next time. Thus, American parents should pretend as Japanese to children to be willing to study.

Moreover, American students should take responsibilities for studying. They always count on their parents to get higher grades; however, this is what students have to do, so they should take classes. Otherwise, they are going to fail in the society in the future certainly. To get a great job, we have to get high grades by using own knowledge and they should be good grades students like international students. In Japan also, this problem become more serious than before. Especially young generation who are in Japan doesn’t want to study and do as well as American students do, though parents expect good grade to them very well. Therefore, American students must do as well as international students for parents and their own future.

Finally, American teacher can’t control their motivation and ambition. American teachers usually say that students should have motivation for the class or should have ambition and these feelings should be come from their home, not from the school. International students have at least one side of them because they like to go to the school for their own purpose. I am also the international student and even I, who don’t know what to do in the future, do better than American students, so American students should be like them.

In conclusion, American students have to do well to get better grades. They have got to study harder and harder than international students because of what they have done before. American students must know how to learn keep their motivation or must have ambition and they have to do much greater than before they don’t know about it. Even though international students do well, American students could be greater students than international students if they want.

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Monday, September 18, 2006

Mad for U.S. beef, herd heads for Tokyo eatery

The article "Mad for U.S. beef, herd heads for Tokyo eatery" written by CNN. It is about remove the ban that imports American beef. There is famous fast food, which is called Gyudon that is a bowl of rice topped with beef, in Japan and Yoshinoya, fast-food chain, has returned because of this import.

My opinion

I think Japanese government should not enact ban from the beginning of this event because most of food chain had been damaged financially. Undoubtedly, they had to take care of our health, but they should think about economy first because Japan has not much money. Anyway, I like to eat Gyudon in Yoshinoya, so I hope there will not happen like this event in the future.

Saturday, September 02, 2006

Writing Workshop

New Five, New Month

1) This is the 1st of September, what do you want to accomplish by the 31st?

The goal that I want to accomplish by the 31 is make more friends, who are international students, than now.

2) What does September make you think about or feel?

September makes me think about food.

3) September is the ninth month; can you name nine memories so far from this year?

I can't name nine memories because I don't remember what happenned to me.
1. Graduated technical school.
2. My ex-girl and I broke up.
3. Came to the US.

4) What does September have in common with three other months and can you name them?


5) The first weekend in September signals the end of summer for many even though it doesn’t really end for weeks. When does summer end for you?

When I feel cold, I think it's the end of the summer.

Wednesday, August 30, 2006

No DNA match, no JonBenet charges

This article “No DNA match, no JonBenet charges,” appeared in the CNN.
It’s about John Mark Karr, a suspected person, didn’t kill JonBenet Ramsey. On Monday, in Boulder, Colorado, his DNA didn’t match with murder one. Also, there is no evidence. He didn’t lie to people and people believe that he is the murder, but it is not the truth and become clear. When the DNA tests finish, he is waiting to go to California. For the reason, people are surprised.

My opinion…

I think John Mark Karr, a school ex-teacher in Thailand, was not murder because there is no evidence. Even DNA didn’t match with murder’s one. For this 2 reason, I think there is relation with this tragedy story.